Holy Guacamole

Guess what my mom made for the first time today. If you guessed from the title, you are absolutely correct. Guacamole.

Being the traditional, Korean mother she is, she never had the opportunity or need to make this, till today. A few months ago, she got a new job at this salon. She was always hired at Korean salons, but she wanted to try something different and applied to an American salon, and lucky for her she got the job!

Anyway, she started hanging out with American people more and more, and she saw that they were packing food that she never saw before in her life, like feta cheese on salads, cream cheese on bagels, sour cream, and guacamole. So a few days ago, she came home from the market with a bunch of avocados.

“What is all this for, mom?”

“Oh, I saw that the people I work with was eating chips with something called ‘Guacamole’, and it was delicious!”

Yeah. So, she wanted to make more and enjoy that new discovery in her taste buds. I love my mom, she’s so cute. But she is so traditional, I was surprised when I found out she didn’t know what cream cheese or sour cream was. Those two are like one of my favorite foods, seriously.

She made it just a while ago, and it was very delectable. I enjoyed it very much, thank you mother. I wonder if I can introduce her to all my favorite foods from now so we can both pig out on them…hmmm.


credit to Google Images


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