Shape Up’s!!!!

Despite my abnormally frequent wanting of food, I want to start getting fit for the summer. I have about a month till my 18th birthday, and I want to stop feeling like crap. 

It’s true that I eat very frequently, and I’m not saying that I’ll starve, but I can start with having one less chocolate bar a day. And I’ll satisfy my cravings with much “healthier” foods, like fruits and veggies. I’ll make sure to exercise as much as I can a day, I wonder if I’ll commit to these things regularly, but hey, writing it down is one step forward!

Oh, and I PROMISED myself that I will stop eating school food. No more fries, no more nachos, no more fried chicken ( I can’t add pizza to the list…I have to live).

Lastly, I finally bought some Shape Up’s!!! Yayy! I’ll be one step closer to my dream weight day by day.

For all the people out there with my same goals, I hope you achieve them, as I will try to do the same!Image 


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